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Chef Jagshakti Singh

Looking to bring the warmth of Indian cooking to your dining table in Seattle? Look no further than Chef Jag, whose culinary expertise and signature style will take away the stress of putting together delicious yet nutritious home-cooked meals for your family—ALL WEEK LONG!

Chef Jag, a culinary mastermind who learned the art of cooking from his mother's mystical and alchemical cooking techniques in the kitchen. From a young age, he witnessed her transform simple ingredients into extraordinary dishes that tantalized the senses and left a lasting impression. Drawing inspiration from her techniques and flavours, Chef Jag specializes in provding home-cooked culinary experince to his exclusive clientele in Seattle and nearby regions. 

Chef Jag offers weekly cooking appointments to his clientele through his mobile app—Jag My Chef, available on Apple App and Google Play Store. Checkout the FAQ section to learn more about the service and answers to common questions. Download Jag My Chef App to schedule a free 15-min consultation and book a trial appointment. 

  • Can I buy my own ingredients?
    Yes, clients receive an itemized list of ingredients, two-three days before their appointment. Chef Jag also offers grocery shopping service at an additional cost.
  • How can I contact Chef Jag?
    You can contact Chef Jag through the app by navigating to chat box or, via e-mail at
  • Does Chef Jag provide services in my city?
    Chef Jag provides services around City of Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Everett, Mill Creek, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Sammamish, Issaquah, and Kent. If your city is not listed, contact Chef Jag to enquire about availability.
  • How frequently can I make appointments?
    Chef Jag offers 1-2 appointments per week. Most clients schedule one appointment per week.
  • How much does this service cost?
    Chef Jag‘s hourly charges range from $80-$100 per hour depending on location, time, and dietary restrictions. Chef Jag will put together a pricing structure that will work for you and your family.
  • What is Chef Jag’s specialty?
    Chef Jag‘s specialty is regional Indian foods stretching from the Himalayas to God’s own country—Kerala. He also can diversify your weekly menu with favorites from American, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, Thai and other Asian Cuisines.
  • What is the Jag My Chef app?
    The Jag My Chef app allows Chef Jag’s clientele to manage their private chef appointments. Clients use the Jag My Chef app to: 1) View their upcoming appointments 2) Browse the Weekly Dishes 3) Submit the menu of their choice 4) Obtain a list of ingredients 5) Communicate with Chef Jag
  • How does the menu selection work?
    Every Friday, Chef Jag updates the Weekly Dishes for the upcoming week. Clients are encouraged to browse the Weekly Dishes posts and consult with Chef Jag, via Chat Box, to finalize a menu for their upcoming appointment. Finalized menus are required to be submitted 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment(s).
  • Will Chef Jag prepare meals at my home?
    Yes, Chef Jag only offers in-home appointments .
  • What is the duration of an appointment?
    Chef Jag currently only offers two-hour appointment slots.
  • How many dishes can I expect from an appointment?
    Chef Jag typically prepares four dishes during a two-hour appointment. Between a two-person household, these four dishes last anywhere from four to five days.


Schedule a personalized phone consultation with Chef Jag, where he will guide you through his services, including menu selection, sending the list of ingredients, prepping and cooking, safe food storage, cleaning and organizing, reheating instructions, and providing nutritional information. This consultation will answer all your questions and help schedule your first trial appointment.

Important: This meeting is for clients who have reviewed and understood the FAQs on the app/website and are ready or nearly ready to schedule their first appointment.


Download Jag My Chef App Now!

Download Jag My Chef app to connect with Chef Jag.

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